• Work at home platforms DO NOT support Voice-over IP phone services (Skype, Vonage, Internet Phone Service etc) or cordless phones. Corded landline service is needed and guarantees that your headset and dial pad operate properly.

  • How do I know what equipment I need? The company that you will be working for should provide you with a list of requirements.
    If you are having trouble understanding the requirements our sales team would be more than happy to help you. We have several sales people who are knowledgeable to your particular needs. Please feel free to contact them directly.

         LiveOps, Sykes/Alpine Access, LanguageLine, ACD Direct-Contact Bonnie at 800-399-3224 ext 510 email

        Teleperformance - Contact Kathy at 800-399-3224 ext 521 or email her

        Arise Virtual Solutions - Contact Craig at 877-239-3030 or email him at

        American Health Connection - Contact Kathy at 800-399-3224 ext 521 or email her at

        Alorica/West at Home - Contact customer service at 800-399-3224 or email 

        All other companies or for general inquiries call 800-399-3224 or email 

  • Why do I need the dial pad? The majority of companies who have agents working from home require them to use a dial pad with a noise canceling headset. The dial pad IS a phone and will replace any existing phone you might be using now. Using a headset with a dial pad for your work is comfortable, convenient and will have the highest of clarity to make the experience for you and your customer go smoothly.

  • Can I use a wireless phone? A wireless phone uses battery power and the phone base uses ac electrical power. If you lose electrical power your call WILL be lost. The PD100 dial pad does not require electrical power therefore as long as your using the recommend standard analog phone service you will not lose power. Internet phones service is NOT recommend!

  • Which headset or dial pad should I choose? The differences in the headsets and dial pads are quality and warranty. Although all of the equipment is sufficient for working at home, the higher quality along with the extra cost is well worth it.

  •  A headset is a personal choice. Do you want 1 ear covered or both ears covered? Whichever you choose the microphone may be adjusted to work on either the right or left side of the face. All of the headsets offered on this site are noise-canceling.  
  • How do I set up the dial pad?  When you open the box your headset and phone line cord is connected to the PD100 and ready to go. Simply plug the line cord into the phone outlet and your set to go.  If you have a longer cord and wish to use that, simply unplug the line cord that came with the unit and plug your cord into the same port.

  • Do I need a USB adapter cord or USB headset and why? Some companies such as Sykes and Arise Virtual Solutions require online training. We have given you two choices. #1. If you purchase a headset and dial pad you can use that headset with the USB adapter cord.  #2. Or you can purchase the Compusound II.  Both applications will work fine.

Avoid errors!  EMAIL SUPPORT@COMFORTEL.COM OR CALL 800-399-3224

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